The exterior wall of Burnham-On-Sea’s Princess Theatre is to be transformed into a giant ‘cinema screen’ for a unique outdoor film showing on Easter Day (April 5th).

Local arts group Ignite Somerset has been working with artists, children and young people to create digital art designed for large-scale projection.

The screening will take place from 8pm until 10.30pm on Easter Sunday and, as pictured here, it was successfully trialled over the weekend.

“The theatre was chosen as it is an iconic building within Burnham and it’s also a lovely canvas for us to project onto,” organiser Natalie Collings told

“There will be some specifically made projections for the Burnham area and also a collection of images and different work created over the project from other parts of the county. It will be a celebration of local and county-wide creativity.”

“The projections themselves will be looped so there will be more than one viewing. We will project from around 8pm, as it gets darker, until 10pm.”

“We will be projecting from The Skills and Learning Centre, who have been very helpful in letting us use the space in front of their building. We will also have a road closure on the street so there is more space for people to congregate.”

Town Centre Manager Bev Milner Simonds added: “It’s very exciting to welcome Somerset Film to Burnham to project onto The Princess Theatre. This is something that is really different for the town.”

“The facade of the theatre is very large and to see it brought to life with moving images created by local artists is brilliant.”

The event will run alongside the FolkFest Fundraiser taking place at The Princess Theatre on the same day. Natalie added: “Our projections will hopefully draw in people for the Folkfest fundraiser as we hope their event will draw a new audience to ours. All together, it should be a mutually beneficial event for all involved.”

Ignite Somerset is a project managed by Somerset Film and funded by Arts Council England. The project aims to provide opportunities for artists to explore the creative potential of digital technology.