Residents living in a Burnham-On-Sea street have raised fresh concerns over anti-social behaviour.

A resident of Priory Gardens spoke out at the latest Town Council meeting regarding the problems of “teenagers gathering during school holidays and light evenings.”

“Drug dealing is taking place, underage drinking, verbal and physical abuse, and damage to trees and gravestones in the Nun’s graveyard,” they told councillors.

“The area is right next to the grounds of St Joseph’s school so there were concerns regarding protection of the children of junior school age.”

The police and Sedgemoor District Council have been involved and had been asked to visit regularly.

Options suggested by the council to address the matter are weekly visits to clear litter and rubbish; removal of low vegetation to eliminate hiding places; fencing off the corner area.

Councillors agreed to support the residents of Priory Gardens in implementing the options to tackle the issue.

Cllr Janet Keen said: “This is an ongoing matter of great concern. While the Police are only there some of the time to deal with the matter, the residents live there all the time. It’s very unfair that the residents should have to suffer with this.”

She suggested a neighbourhood watch scheme could also be formed there.