This huge starfish appeared on Brean beach this week – but there was no need for concern as it was the latest work by renowned sand artist Simon Beck.

Simon and a team of five helpers spent over six hours creating the 160-metre starfish on the sand next to Brean Down.

Simon, from Bracknell in Berkshire, told “We had a great team together this week and created a six-sided hexagon with a star in the middle that stretched out to the edges.”

“The design started small and grew as we made progress through the day, with one eye on the incoming tide. It’s my biggest design here this year.”

He added: “It’s so rewarding to look down on the finished work from the top of Brean Down when you are finished before it gets washed away by the tide.”

Simon was featured here by last year and has also appeared in the national media for his spectacular snow art.