Somerset Covid Checker

A new ‘Somerset Covid Checker’ launches this week to support parents in knowing what actions to take if their child starts to display Coronavirus symptoms.

Somerset’s Coronavirus Engagement Board has launched the new checklist to help parents know what to do if their child starts to display Coronavirus symptoms, tests positive, someone in their household displays symptoms or a household member tests positive.

The Somerset Covid Checker comes as Somerset sees an increase in Coronavirus cases over the last fortnight with 69 new recorded cases.

Trudi Grant, Director of Public Health at Somerset County Council, said: “As cases of Coronavirus increase nationally and across Somerset, it’s incredibly important we all know what to do if we start to show symptoms. This Somerset Covid Checker is a great way for parents to know what action to take if their child starts to display symptoms.”

“Firstly, it’s important that you and your household self-isolate and book a test if anyone shows symptoms. Please do not have a test unless you have symptoms and if you can’t get a local test slot, please keep trying online or phoning 119 as local slots do become available throughout the day.”

“Secondly, it’s important you continue to self-isolate from the moment you display symptoms until you have the test result – and if it’s positive, you need to continue self-isolating for ten days from the start of your symptoms, and the rest of your household 14 days. Only if it’s a negative test result or your self-isolation time is complete can your child return to school.”

“Please remember that until there is a vaccine, the only way we have to stop this virus spreading is to think ‘Hands, Face and Space’. Wash your hands with soap and water often and at least 20 seconds, wear a face covering if you can and please keep your distance from others.”

The Somerset Covid Checker can be downloaded here.

If you need any Coronavirus related support or advice, phone the Somerset Coronavirus helpline on 0300 790 6275, available seven days a week. Further information here.


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