A sports car that was stranded in mud on Berrow beach for five days was finally pulled free by a commercial recovery service on Thursday (October 30th).

Sedgemoor District Council hired a commercial recovery service from Weston to pull the stranded Toyota Celica from the mudfats, which initially became stranded last Saturday.

The bill could not be paid by the car’s owner, so the council decided that it would step in and foot the charge.

However, council spokeswoman Claire Faun told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Obviously, Weston Recovery would not perform the operation without payment. In the interim, Sedgemoor District Council has paid, but shall immediately be invoicing the owner and/or his insurers to recover the costs.”

“It was felt this was the most pragmatic way forward, otherwise the car could have remained on the beach for some long while, whilst the owner arranged for its removal. We would urge all visitors to take heed of the safety notices.”

The recovery of the car took place on Thursday afternoon before it was then taken away for scrap. Ten tides had covered the vehicle since it had got into diffculty last Saturday, and a large quantity of mud and sludge had to be removed from inside the car before it could be taken away.