A stranded horse box was rescued after getting stuck on Brean beach on Thursday (October 17th).

BARB Search & Rescue was called out just after 4pm after the beach warden raised the alarm.

A BARB spokesman said: “Our volunteers were called out at 4.07pm to Brean beach at the request of the beachwarden after a 7.5 tonne horse box had become stuck in soft sand.”

“The BARB crew drove to the stranded vehicle near to Brean Down and found its wheels had sunk into the soft, wet sand near the top of the beach.”

“We dug the sand away from around the wheels before applying waffle boards, and the owners were then able to drive the vehicle away safely.”

“The owners of the vehicle were very grateful for our help, thanking us with a donation to BARB. They were very unlucky to get stuck, having parked safely on the beach many times before.”

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