Burnham and Highbridge Town Council

Thousands of pounds worth of lead has been stolen from the roof of Burnham and Highbridge Town Council Chambers causing flooding damage inside, it has been revealed this week.

The Town Council’s Clerk Katherine Noble said at a meeting of the council’s Finance and Resources Committee on Monday night (November 21st): “Unfortunately the lead on the roof was stolen and when it rained a lot of water came into the building.”

“It was reported to the Police and we had to arrange for urgent repairs.”

She adds: “It was agreed with the Chairman of Finance that because of the urgency due to the damage being caused we decided not to go through with an insurance policy claim beacsue of the number of proposals we would have to get so we went ahead with a contractor who has done the work for us.”

“The lead is being replaced with a rubber solution which is a preferred solution these dayss. The cost is £3,500 plus £250 contingency. The roof is now water tight – we just need to make the last few repairs.”

The damage to the ceilings caused by the water can be seen in the paintwork this week, as pictured above.


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