The BBC is to screen a TV documentary tonight (Thursday) exploring what caused an historic tsunami that hit the Burnham-On-Sea area in 1607, causing 28 deaths.

The BBC4 programme ‘Timewatch: The Killer Wave of 1607’ will be screened at 8pm.

The documentary will examine the huge wave which struck the coast of the Bristol Channel in 1607, featuring interviews with two scientists who are increasingly convinced that the wave was actually a tsunami.

Historical records recall that “In 1607, Burnham had its own tsunami, when a tidal wave flooded thirty villages. The countryside was flooded to a depth of ten or twelve feet over a distance of around 20 miles around Burnham. 28 people were drowned at nearby Huntspill, Berrow, Mark, Lympsham and Brean, while South and East Brent were also badly affected.”

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