The Burnham-On-Sea area is unlikely to see a hosepipe ban this summer despite reservoirs being lower than normal due to the dry summer.

Bristol Water – which supplies tap water supplies across Burnham-On-Sea, Highbridge, Brean and Berrow – says “we don’t foresee any issues in water supply.”

A spokesman adds: “Rainfall this year has been below average and as a result reservoir storage is lower than normal.”

“However, our modelling and forecasts do not indicate the need to impose hosepipe bans or any other water supply restrictions during 2022.”

“To make sure that we are resilient to drought, we’ll continue to carry out our dry weather management plan.”

“Over the coming months, we’ll prioritise and use other sources of available water and implement options to recover reservoir levels over the winter recharge period.”

“We will continue to monitor the situation, but with our current water resource outlook, we do not foresee any issues in supply to customers.”

The firm adds that it always advises that customers think about their water usage to save water, protect the environment and help keep bills down.

“We’re doing our bit to keep water usage down by reducing leakage to the lowest level in the country; customers can see how they can do their bit by getting water saving advice from our website. Even small changes can make a big difference.”

It adds: “In our region, droughts and hosepipe bans are very, very rare occurrences. The last hosepipe ban due to droughts in our region was in 1976 during an exceptional hot and dry period.”

The firm has issued several tips to help us all do our bit:

  •       Use rainwater from a water butt and/or a watering can to water the garden
  •       Water the garden in the morning or evening when it’s coolest
  •       Don’t water your lawn, it will bounce back in the rain
  •       Take short showers to cool down, not baths
  •       If possible, put full dishwashers and washing machines on overnight – this helps manage demand at peak times
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