Badger rescued by Secret World Wildlife Rescue

A feisty badger is now on the road to recovery thanks to the work of a Burnham-On-Sea wildlife rescuer.

After a young male badger became trapped between breeze blocks under a water butt between two sheds near Woolavington, Secret World Wildlife Rescue dispatched volunteer response driver Greg Kelloway to free the animal.

Greg safely rescued the animal and transported it back to the charity’s rehabilitation centre in East Huntspill where it was assessed by Sarah Tingvoll, the charity’s Section Leader.

Sarah found a lump wound on the animal – the result of a territorial fight with another badger – but otherwise it appeared to be in good health.

“Young badgers often find themselves in fights as they try to establish territory for themselves – this is a common feature of normal badger social behaviour,” said Sarah.

“In males, these wounds commonly occur on the rump. Luckily for this little chap, his wasn’t too severe. Often, these types of wounds can look dramatic, but almost all heal well with a simple topical treatment.”

“Bonzo, as we’ve named him, is coping well and we are tending to his wound regularly. We expect him to make a full recovery.”

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