Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called back to Brean beach on Monday morning (October 19th) after a metal detector enthusiast found a suspicious object the day before.

The team was called back to the village’s beach after the unknown metal object was uncovered in the sand.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman says: “On our arrival, we found that the item was submerged in sand and water and we were unable to verify what the item could be.”

“Without any real information or evidence of what it could be and the fact that it was still submerged quite a distance, it was decided that it was safe to leave in place.”
“Although we do get ordnance dug up along our stretch of coastline, more often than not items at that kind of depth are found to be old car parts from decades-old vehicles that were more often than not just abandoned and left in the sea if they became stuck in the mud.”

On Sunday, the spokesman said: “A group of people was carrying out a bit of metal detecting when they heard a ping on their detector.”

“They dug down to where the signal was coming from and hit something that appeared to be metal.”

“After a little more digging they thought they had better report it to someone and the Brean Beach Warden was contacted. He, in turn, called the Coastguard Operations Centre who tasked us to investigate further.”

“When we arrived we cleared all persons from the area and gathered as much information as we could, including a grid reference, which will help us locate the item again on Monday so we can check it is fully covered and no danger to beach users.”

“Once we had gathered that information, we maintained our safety cordon for three hours until the tide had completely covered it and it was safe to leave. We will be back to double-check it is still covered and safe on Monday.”

“As always, we advise should you find ordnance or washed up flares, do not touch them, keep a safe distance away and tell others to do the same. Report it to a beach warden or lifeguard if on duty, or dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards giving as much information as possible.”


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