A Burnham-On-Sea initiative to reduce dog fouling of pavements has been launched in Brent Knoll this week.

Ivy Meager, 11, hit the headlines last year when Burnham-On-Sea.com first reported that she had installed dog poo bag dispensers made out of plastic bottles along paths around Burnham and Highbridge in an effort to reduce dog fouling.

Now, Brent Knoll resident Amy Balcomb is rolling out the scheme in the village to try and encourage dog owners to be responsible and reduce fouling of pavements.

Amy told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “As a dog owner, I was starting to despair at the ever increasing amounts of dog mess being left around our village roads.”

“With so many responsible dog owners in Brent Knoll, I felt that between us all, we could try to make a difference, by making pavements cleaner and safer.”

“Using social media I rallied enough interest and support to get the matter raised at the February Parish Council meeting.”

“The first step was to ask for another bin, which is still being looked into. In the meantime, I saw the poo bag dispensers made by Ivy in Burnham and thought these would be a fantastic solution to encourage more people to clear up after their dogs.”

“A huge donation of poo bags by Little Orchard Dog Training School in Rooksbridge has helped to make this possible. At least four dispensers are now up with more to come. We would encourage any community to do this.”

Ivy, pictured below in Burnham last year, helped to encourage the Town Council to invest in new permanent dog poo bag dispensers with local business backing, as reported here.

Poo bags dispenser Burnham-On-Sea

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