Gull-proof litter bins and new signs warning residents not to feed seagulls are to be introduced along Burnham-On-Sea seafront and nearby roads in a fresh effort by the Town Council to halt waste problems.

Councillors consider proposals for new measures to combat the problem of gulls at a meeting of the council’s Town Improvements Committee on Monday night (June 10th).

Cllr Sue Harvey said at the meeting: “Seagulls are often messy, unpleasant and attract vermin. I have been approached by a resident asking for the new signs to try and prevent holidaymakers feeding the birds.”

“We would like to see the signs in Allandale Road, Grove Road, Poplar Road and Maddocks Slade.”

Cllr Nick Tolley agreed and said the signs are also needed on other roads leading to the beach. “Something does need to be done. I have even seen local residents asking holidaymakers to stop feeding gulls and almost getting into fights over it.”

He added: “It’s good that some fish and chip shops in Burnham are working to encourage customers not to feed gulls. Brit Chips has posters up urging people to help address the problem.”

“Gulls attract vermin, create mess, attack people and even affect our sea water quality. The biggest step to stopping the problem is educating the public.”

“Locals don’t need a lot of educating but holidaymakers do. I think more posters explaining the issue could help with this. Lets’ get them around all eating places in Burnham.”

Cllr Helen Groves added: “I think signs and posters would be helpful, but we also need to talk to Sedgemoor District Council and the Environment Agency to get them involved in addressing the wider issue as a whole. We need their input too.”

Cllr Peter Clayton said: “I agree with the new signs and getting others involved. I have also received comments from residents about this issue.”

He confirmed that gull-proof rubbish bins are to be introduced along Burnham’s seafront, funded by the Burnham Evolution project.

Cllr Nick Tolley added that seagull-proof bin bags could also be considered for the town, noting that parts of Burnham are like a “seagull playground every Tuesday morning after the gulls have enjoyed six-course meals overnight before the rubbish bags are collected mid-morning.”