Jacqui Strong
A Highbridge resident is inviting local people to take part in an environmental questionnaire as part of a university study.
Jacqui Strong is seeking responses as part of her university studies at Strode College.
“After the pandemic I realised I wanted to enter higher education and had never thought about Strode College, which is linked to Plymouth University, but the History, Heritage and Archaeology degree has made me look at our local heritage in a completely new light,” says Jacqui.
She adds that the questionnaire is seeking the opinions of residents on climate change and “whether there is interest from the local community for more involvement in the documenting or preservation of our heritage assets, particularly with changes happening at local government level.”
“The report will form part of my Level 5 studies and will not be published but will provide a valuable insight into the views of the community and may also cross over into other areas of community work, not just heritage.”
The questionnaire forms part of a series of research and can be accessed via this link.
The questionnaire responses will be collated at the end of February so early completion is encouraged.
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