Cheddar Gorge

The main road through Cheddar Gorge could soon be closed to traffic for one day every month to improve access for walkers and cyclists.

Mendip Hills National Landscape has asked for feedback on the proposal and has launched a public consultation.

It comes after complaints were raised regarding anti-social behaviour and the volume of traffic at the protected site.

Under the plans, Cliff Road, would be closed to traffic from the first narrows to Black Rock car park.

Mendip Hills National Landscape said it wanted to explore testing the measure to open up the area for groups such as walkers and cyclists who could enjoy the gorge more safely.

It also said restricting traffic would allow more events and activities to be held.

Jim Hardcastle, manager of Mendip Hills National Landscape, said: “We want to create an experience that is fitting for a naturally beautiful and significant visitor attraction like Cheddar Gorge, as we’re aware of concerns about the volume of traffic and anti-social driving… which people feel impacts safety and enjoyment of the area.”

“But this is only the beginning of our work and nothing is set in stone.”

Businesses and car parks at either end of Cheddar Gorge would remain open as usual, the Mendip Hills National Landscape says.

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