Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards had a busy weekend of call-outs amid a spate of incidents on local beaches in the ongoing good weather.

Burnham Coastguards and BARB Search & Rescue were called to Burnham’s beach on Sunday at 12.29pm after a man became stuck in shallow mud and was worried that the tide was edging closer.

The lone man was just beyond the pier and had become trapped in a small bar of mud. It was quickly established that he could be reached without any specialist equipment.

“A bit of encouragement and a helping hand, and he was free from the sticky stuff,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

On Saturday evening at around 8.25pm, Burnham Coastguards were paged to a group of adults and some children who were at the end of the town slip and paddling in the water with an incoming tide.

“With all persons cleared away from danger and safety advice issued, we returned to station,” said a spokesman, who added that it had been “a very good call from the first informant.”

At just before 6pm on Saturday evening, Burnham Coastguards were called to Weston beach where multiple persons were reported to be stuck in the mud. Avon Fire Rescue and an ambulance were also called to the scene and several people were rescued.

At 4.35pm on Saturday afternoon, Coastguards were also called to Brean beach to help a 65 year-old woman who had fallen on the beach while playing a game of rounders, suffering a fracture to her arm.

“In a fair amount of pain, the family alerted the beach warden who requested an ambulance and the assistance of the RNLI lifeguard on the nearby beach.”

The lady was treated with pain relief and safely loaded into the family car for the trip to hospital.

If you see anyone in difficulty along the beach, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.

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