Ten community groups, volunteers and Sedgemoor Clean Surroundings staff have been honoured with awards by the Chairman of Sedgemoor District Council, Cllr Alan Bradford.

SDC councillors were invited to nominate those who help keeping Sedgemoor clean and tidy.

On Friday, July 1st, the chairman held an awards evening with the topic being ‘keeping Sedgemoor tidy’.

Many of the councillors from across the district talked about the great work that community groups and volunteers do across their local area to keep Sedgemoor tidy.

The award winners all spoke of how they couldn’t have kept doing the work they do on a voluntary basis without Sedgemoor Clean Surroundings supporting them – whether it’s the daily bag pick up, more bags or litter-picking equipment.

Full list of award winners:

Friends of Berrow Beach

The team of volunteers have regular litter picking events in all winds and weather to keep the beach and dunes clean of rubbish and carry all litter to a point that SDC Clean surroundings collect from.

James Atkins

A Lympsham schoolboy was so upset at the rubbish he saw while on his walks during lockdown that he decided to do something about it. As reported here, he used his pocket money to buy black bags and a litter picker and collect rubbish around Lympsham.

Inland Waterways Association Volunteers

The organisation’s team of volunteers looks after Bridgwater Docks and Canal, keeping them clean and tidy.

Rage Against Rubbish

This group was set up by a group of kayakers who paddle along the Bridgwater and Taunton canal and were fed up with seeing vast amounts of rubbish and discarded items in the waterway. They meet on a monthly basis to undertake the litter picks and include a wide variety of people, paddling and walking the waterway.

Barry and Louise Walsh

Cross, Axbridge – They used the period during lockdown and Covid to explore the area both hills and moors. Within weeks of walking around the area they took it upon themselves to acquire litter pickers and filled bags of discarded litter in the open countryside and along lanes and walkways in and around Axbridge as they took their daily exercise.

Nigel and Carol Taylor

Every Sunday morning for the last few years, they go out early before most folk are out of bed and pick up litter on Willstock Way, Bridgwater and the country park. Their dedication to keeping this area of Sedgemoor clean and tidy is an absolute credit to them and is very much appreciated by those that know they do it. Many don’t realise they put in so much time and effort as they just go and do it and don’t make a fuss.

Richard and Margaret Turberville

They operate “under the radar” but on numerous occasions they are voluntarily picking up litter in and around North Newton

Sydenham Improvement Group

It is a group of volunteers that donate their time towards making Sydenham a cleaner and greener place. Past things they have been involved in include planting and looking after flowers in front of Sydenham Community centre, cleaning back bramble and creating a useable outdoor space by the college, tree planting and litter picking.

John Hannaford

Mr Hannaford and Neil do a lot of clearing of rubbish in and around Cannington and keeping the village tidy.

Sedgemoor Clean Surrounds Team

Clean Surrounds provide a number of services for the Council, however they also provide services for other Customers and businesses in the Region. The Clean Surroundings service are responsible for keeping Sedgemoor clean. This includes beach cleaning, the removal of dead animals, dog fouling, flyposting and fly tipping, graffiti removal, street washing, and more! The service also includes litter and waste enforcement. Clean Surroundings manage waste and clean ups at many events during the year, with the highest profile being the three Sedgemoor Carnivals and Bridgwater Fair.

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