An investigation is underway to try and find the source of pollution on Burnham-On-Sea beach over the past week. 

Sea swimming has not been advised on Burnham’s main beach for the past 12 days at the height of the summer season.

Sedgemoor District Council has installed a sign at the top of the jetty, pictured above, to warn beach users. It comes after farmyard waste washed up along the tideline following recent heavy rain.

Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told “The pollution is mainly water-bourne. The lifeguards have put up the red flags to warn visitors and residents of the dangers of swimming in polluted water from across the catchment area, which is due to a variety of reasons.”

“Swimming is not banned, just not advised. People can make their own choices whether or not to swim and risk a bout of illness. It is entirely due to the natural elements.”

An Environment Agency spokesperson adds: “Due to the heavy rain, establishing the source of pollution on beaches can be difficult as it is likely to have been washed down from much further afield.”

“However, we are currently putting extra resources into looking at these kinds of incident.”

“It is for local authorities to decide upon closing beaches to bathing.”

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