Jellyfish Burnham-On-Sea beach

Beach users in Burnham-On-Sea, Berrow and Brean have this week been warned to watch out for jellyfish along local tide lines.

Several Moon and Barrel jellyfish, which can deliver a mild sting to paddlers and swimmers, have washed up along local beaches this week.

Beach wardens say dozens of the jellyfish have been washed up along several parts of local beaches and they advise paddlers to beware as a precaution.

A spokeswoman for the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) told “While some jellyfish are harmless or have a very mild sting, others have a more painful sting. We recommend that, for your own safety, you do not touch them.”

“This sort of sighting on beaches around the UK is no cause for concern, and is in fact normal as we are entering peak jellyfish season.”

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