A group of volunteers has cleared a roadside ditch of litter and rubbish next to a busy A38 Highbridge roundabout this weekend.

A team from The Friends of Burnham Beach community group used a kayak to remove a large quantity of rubbish in the shallow water and also from along the verge besides the Aldi store on Saturday (July 16th).

Mark Hollidge, from The Friends of Burnham Beach, told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our area as clean as possible, we occasionally target areas away from the beach.”

“We have previously cleared local grass areas next to the M5 and railway bridges and also in the village of Mark. This waterway next to the A38 in Highbridge was identified as an area for attention, particularly as it is seen by many visitors over the summer.”

“In addition to collecting a dozen sackfuls of cans, plastic bottles, crisp packets and plastic bags, we took away several unusual items from the water.”

“These included a pair of shoes floating on the surface and a cat-scratching column! How they got there is anyone’s guess. We also had a visit from a family of ducks while we were there who seemed appreciative of our work!”

Aldi thanked the group for their work and kindly gave the team free ice creams amid the hot weather conditions.

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