Sand artist Simon Beck on Brean Beach

An artist who creates large-scale designs in sand and snow has produced his 500th work on Brean beach.

Simon Beck, 62, used a rake and a magnetic compass to make his latest geometrical design next to Brean Down over the weekend.

“It’s a major landmark,” he said. “I have a lifetime ambition of making 1,000 drawings by the time I reach the age of 80 so I feel a certain amount of achievement to be at 500.”

Mr Beck, a former cartographer from Taunton, began creating large-scale land art in 2004 when he used snow shoes to realise a design in the Alps.

His latest effort was in the style of a Sierpinski triangle – a triangle made up of smaller triangles.

But the conditions on the beach – high winds and dry sand – on Saturday meant the image was not quite of the standard he had hoped for.

“I’m disappointed not to have a better result,” he said. “The beach was a bit too dry therefore we lost some definition of the drawing so it’s mixed feelings.”

“I’d feel a lot happier if we had a really good result, but you win some you lose some, don’t you?”

Mr Beck’s previous efforts have included other similarly intricate geometric designs, as well as a recent commission based on TV show Sanditon, as we featured here.

Not one to sit back and take a break after his achievement, Simon completed his 501st design on Brean beach on Sunday, as pictured below.

Pictured: Sand artist Simon Beck at work on Brean beach over the weekend. Photos: / Simon Beck / Andy Oates / Drone photos by @raed_shakman


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