An appeal has been issued to try and find out more about the history behind a 100-year-old photo and letter found tucked inside a book this week. 

Becky Hewlitt, an English teacher at King Alfred School Academy, was sorting through some books donated to the school’s free book corner when she found the photo and letter tucked inside. 

The letter is dated July 14, 1919 — coincidentally making it 100 years-old this week.

“It was found between the pages of a hardback book that was dropped off anonymously to reception with several others,” she says. 

“The letter says ‘to Miss Wilmott from the children of the kindergarten’ and the smaller picture shows what looks like a pet’s  grave marked Macey.”

She added: “The children were thrilled to see something a hundred years old and it just goes to show how special an old fashioned hand-written letter is.”

She explained that the school is keen to return the photo and the correspondence to the family if they can be identified.

Anyone with information can get in touch by contacting