Little Uno the underweight hedgehog is what the rescue team at Secret World Wildlife Rescue have named him. Uno can thank his lucky stars he was found foraging in a garden near Taunton, the bitter cold and lack of food would have killed him. The hedgehog was taken to Secret World Wildlife Rescue just three days ago where he was weighed and checked over. Secret World’s founder Pauline Kidner said: “His weight was far too low to allow him to re-hibernate, he would not have lived through the last few days of this freezing weather had he not been found.” Uno’s weight was 222gms when he was found, his natural weight should be 450gms and to safely hibernate he should be 650gms. Said Pauline: “If he had survived the cold weather he would have starved because his natural food is non existent during the winter months.” Uno will now be wide awake in his own temperature controlled dwelling through the winter months and released when he has gained the appropriate weight along with 60 other hibernating hedgehogs at Secret World Wildlife Rescue. ends.

Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers have rescued this tiny hedgehog who is too small to hibernate.

Called ‘Little Uno’ by wildlife carers, she was found in a garden only a week ago eating cat food left outside.

The owner of the house realised  the hedgehog was far too small to be out in the cold and rang local wildlife rescue centre Secret World.

One of their response drivers went out to collect the tiny creature and she was soon being looked after in a warm incubator with plenty to eat.

Weighing only 222gms, Little Uno was only a third of the weight that she needed to be to hibernate.

She is on a course of wormer treatment and is being looked after at the centre until the winter is over.

Animal Carer Dan Bryant told “She was very lucky to have survived as her natural food of slugs and snails is not available during the winter.”

“With the mild spells, we have been able to release some of the hedgehogs that we have had in, once they got up to the right weight.”

“Hedgehogs do wake up and move around during the winters so we can put them back to where they have come from) so at least it means we haven’t got up to 200 this year!” covered the damage done to the aviaries at Secret World in the storms just before Christmas and several people offered to help build some new ones.

Unfortunately, in an office move, the details were lost. With apologies, Secret World would love to hear from them again – please call 01278 783250 or email