Hinkley Point power station seen from Burnham-On-Sea

An unexploded 250 pound wartime bomb has been found on the seabed near Hinkley Point power station this week.

The Hinkley Point C harbour authority issued a local notice to mariners on Monday (March 29th) advising mariners to keep well clear of the device, which is north of the power station site.

“Mariners are advised that a 250 pound bomb thought to date from World War II has been discovered by the Hinkley Point marine works principal contractor to the north of Hinkley Point C harbour authority statutory limits,” says Hinkley Point C harbour master Nick Clarence in the warning.

He adds: “Vessels within the area are requested to proceed with caution, maintain a minimum safe distance of 550 metres and keep continued watch on VHF channel 16.”

The unexploded ordnance is expected to be safely detonated by a team of experts over the coming days. The device has a location of 51°13’27.365″N and 003°09’27.940″W.

It’s not the first time that unexploded wartime ordnance has been found in the area. We reported here in September 2017 that a 250lb bomb had been safely detonated. And in 2008 a German sea mine was exploded after being found on Stert Island near Burnham.

The reason many have been found in the Bristol Channel is because it was formerly used as an army training range.

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