A white stork that escaped from a wildlife park in the West Midlands and was seen on Burnham-On-Sea seafront last weekend was finally captured on the Somerset Levels over the weekend.

The bird, which is named Daisy and is fitted with an electronic tracker, flew away from Wild Zoological Park in Stourbridge earlier in November.

It has since been seen in Staffordshire, Wiltshire and most recently on Burnham-On-Sea Tourist Information Centre, as we reported here, prompting an appeal for help.

The bird was finally captured on Sunday at Hall Wall near Glastonbury on the Somerset Levels and is now being looked after by the team at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

Spokeswoman Marlies Hebdon told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Secret World was contacted on Sunday by a bird watcher at Ham Wall to say that he had caught a stork that had been on the loose from a wildlife park in Stourbridge.”

“Daisy, as the stork is known, was finally seen at Ham Wall and caught and brought into Secret World Wildlife Rescue where she is waiting for her handler to pick her up.”

“Daisy is a new trainee in the UK’s biggest free flight birds show, along with parrots, eagles, cranes, storks, marabous, owls, vultures and many more.”

“She’s not clipped or caged. She’s a free flying bird new to the team, inexperienced flyer and has gotten caught up in wind during a training session and then lost.”

Pictured: Daisy being cared for by Laura Benfield, Secret World’s animal care manager, and Georgie Humphries, an animal carer, on Sunday 

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