Pontins Brean Sands near Burnham-On-Sea

Brean’s Pontins holiday park could be turned into accommodation for Hinkley Point power station workers.

Burnham-On-Sea.com understands from local sources that Hinkley Point C is in discussions with Britannia Hotels, which owns Pontins, about using the holiday park.

Responding to the news, Andrew Cockcroft, EDF’s senior manager for community relations, says: “As Hinkley Point C’s workforce increases we are actively exploring a wide range of options for additional accommodation.”

“We will work closely with the local community around any new accommodation site as our plans develop in the months ahead.”

Brean Pontins

EDF recently said that Hinkley Point C will open a year later than planned and cost up to £3 billion more. Hinkley Point C, which aims to provide seven percent of Britain’s total power needs, will start electricity power generation at Unit 1 in June 2027 and the total cost is estimated to be £25-26 billion.

Several Brean residents have already expressed concern, saying the changes could lead to Brean being busy all year round, while several business owners have welcomed the potential boost to their trade.

Burnham-On-Sea.com has invited Britannia to comment and will update this story when a response is received.

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