A Burnham-On-Sea Maths and English Club is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month.

The club, run by Rachel Holdom, has helped hundreds of local students over the past decade.

Rachel told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I am so proud to say that ‘First Class Learning Maths and English Tuition Centre’ has now been running in Burnham for 10 years.”

“During this time, I have helped hundreds of students who have attended my club, boosting their confidence and skills in both maths and English and giving them the best chance of achieving the best they possibly can in school generally and also in their SATS or GCSEs.”

She adds: “One piece of advice I would give parents is that if you feel that your child is struggling in either maths or English and you want to help them, don’t leave it for years before you seek that help or until just a few months before an exam.”

“With my Maths & English Club, I do diagnostic tests to begin with to see where their gaps are and then I create a programme of work to fill those gaps.”

“The younger they start, the fewer the gaps they have and the more time we have to get them up to the standard they should be – or even beyond! I have students as young as in reception and year 1 all the way up to year 11.  I have no spaces for anyone to start in year 11 now so the latest to start with me would be when they are in year 10.”

“Students attend the Maths & English Class held at The King Alfred School 6th Form in Burnham on Wednesdays.”

“Students can drop in for around 20-30 minutes per subject where they complete a piece of work with whatever help they need and are then given a daily programme of work, roughly 10-15 minutes per day, practising what they have learnt in the class to ensure mastery and fluency at each step.  The ‘little and often’ approach, with plenty of repetition and practise, really does make a huge difference.”

“The English and maths programmes are flexible and tailored to the individual needs and abilities so students move on only when they are confident with a topic.”

“This is something that can’t always happen in school and children often find themselves moving on to something new before they have a full understanding of the previous topic.”

“This can then lead to a drop in confidence and they can easily be put off the subject.  I also do regular testing to ensure that the best possible progress is made for each child.”

She adds: “To celebrate in 2020, I am offering a two-week free taster to the first 20 students who join and if you decide to continue, you will also get 50% off the registration fee (normally £30). Monthly fees are £55 for the first subject and £50 for a second subject or sibling.”

She has scores of positive testimonials from her students, including Holly who says: “I joined when I was in year 8 and I was terrible at maths then. I’m now in year 11 and on target to achieve a level 6 in my GCSE which I’m so pleased about.”

Molly adds: “I’ve only been coming to Rachel’s class for 4 months but I now really understand algebra!”

Archy adds: “I have been doing FCL for 4 years now.  I used to find maths hard but it’s so much easier now.  My excellent SATS results got me into the top set in year 7.”

For more details, contact Rachel on 07801169016 or call into one of the sessions to find out more.  You can also go to https://www.firstclasslearning.co.uk/centre/burnham-on-sea