Burnham-On-Sea shoppers with face masks

Burnham-On-Sea shoppers are mostly supportive of new rules that require them to wear face coverings in many town centre shops as part of nationwide changes introduced on Friday.

Coverings are now mandatory in enclosed public spaces including supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, banks and post offices. They must also be worn when buying takeaway food and drink, although they can be removed in seating areas.

Burnham-On-Sea.com spoke to several shoppers in Burnham-On-Sea town centre on Friday to get their reaction.

Burnham couple Arthur and Elizabeth Smith, pictured above, support the face coverings rule. Elizabeth said: “We think it’s a good idea to introduce the rule of having to wear a mask in shops. It’s really crucial to avoid the spread of the virus. It makes you feel more confident to come into the High Street when the shops are doing this.”

Another couple, the Meakins, added: “It’s good to see the face coverings rule being supported by shoppers and shops here in Burnham. It makes us more confident to use the shops again.”

Another shopper, Josh Tuck, pictured above, adds: “I think it’s good that the face masks rule has been been introduced.  I have been wearing one when I’m out and about, and I would have liked to see the shops rule being introduced sooner. We have been avoiding the shops until now, so this will help to encourage us to visit them safely again.”

Burnham-On-Sea shop owners told us that most shoppers are being supportive.

Colin Morris at GW Hurley said: “We only had a handful of people not willing to wear the masks – three out of around 300 people didn’t want or were unable to wear one for special reasons. Most people seem very supportive of them.”

Seafoods owner Steve Wright said: “Unfortunately, our trade has been down today and we heard from several locals who said they wouldn’t be coming into town if they have to wear a mask. That said, I fully understand why the Government is introducing the new rules and we support moves to make the town centre safer.”

Jax Gardiner White at Whites Farm Shop added: “We have said on our social media page that we are encouraging people to wear the face masks, and a majority of people were abiding by this.”

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