Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards thank Ian Jefferies as he retires after 13 years

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards have this week said goodbye to one of their long-running team members who has decided to step down.

Crewmembers gathered this week to say a socially-distanced thank you to Ian Jefferies who was a Coastguard Rescue Officer for 13 years and eventually rose to become Deputy Station Officer.

Ian attended many different types of incidents, day and night, serious and not-so-serious, which included the rescue of a cute lamb that was featured on Burnham-On-Sea.com here and was featured in the national press!

He was also one of the team members involved in the five-day search for Dylan Cecil who was sadly lost from the jetty in 2012 and this also resulted in working with the family to set up an amazing charity that helps build memories for those in need.

“The team will miss Ian and his invaluable knowledge and the endless amount of banter we have swapped and hope that the 13 years service certificate he was awarded by the HM Coastguard and a Burnham Coastguard crystal tankard will remind him of his days as one of Burnham Coastguard’s finest,” says a spokesman.

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards thank Ian Jefferies as he retires after 13 years

“At least he will not have a pager ringing in the small hours of the night and having to go out in the freezing cold, something we know he loved.”

Ian thanked the team and added: “Being part of the team and banter and camaraderie is something I will miss.”


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