A dog was ‘coaxed to safety’ after getting stuck in mud on Burnham-On-Sea beach on Sunday (December 20th).

The sprocker, called Jester, got stuck in patch of mud on the beach south of the jetty around 1pm.

Owner Elsa Small, from North Curry near Taunton, said: “We were walking along the sand when Jester suddenly chased after a seagull, ran down the beach, and got stuck in the mud. It was a scary moment. We were so grateful for the help of BARB.”

BARB’s volunteers, who were already at their seafront station for training, were contacted by a walker to help the couple.

A BARB Search & Rescue spokesman says: “Our team, who were already at our seafront station for training, contacted the Coastguard to alert them and we were then tasked by them to go on foot to the area of mud south of the jetty to ensure that the couple were safe, before we then coaxed the dog to safety.”

“The relieved couple thanked our crew for their help. The Coastguard team also arrived and checked the couple were safe. After a wash down, the couple headed home with their dog for a warm-up and our crew resumed their training.”

“Remember if you have concerns for someone or something along the coast, don’t hesitate, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

Pictured: Elsa with Jester; and the BARB team giving him a wash after the incident


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