Burnham-On-Sea fog walker rescued n Burnham-On-Sea beach

A stranded Burnham-On-Sea dog walker has thanked local Coastguards for coming to her rescue after she got stuck in a patch of soft sand and mud on the town’s beach on Tuesday (July 14th).

Coastguards from Burnham and Weston, plus the BARB Search & Rescue hovercraft and ambulance crews, were called to the beach near the low lighthouse, just before 3pm.

They found a lady who had been walking her dog had briefly strayed into a soft area of the beach and had got into difficulty, as pictured here.

Burnham-On-Sea fog walker rescued n Burnham-On-Sea beach

With the BARB hovercraft standing by as a precaution, two Burnham Coastguard Mud Technicians went out to the lady, and helped her out of the mud, before taking her back to the hard sand.

Ambulance crews were on hand to check her over but she – and her golden retriever, Lilly – were both unharmed.

Dog owner Julia told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I was so grateful for the quick work of the Coastguards and everyone who helped me. They were all brilliant.”

Burnham-On-Sea fog walker rescued n Burnham-On-Sea beach

“It was a scary moment when I found myself sinking into the soft sand and mud – I panicked a bit. But it was so calming to have Lilly by my side throughout. Lilly is a five-year-old golden retriever who is such a caring dog.”

A Coastguard spokesman said: “The team was tasked to a person stuck in the mud just North of the Lower Lighthouse, which in itself is nothing unusual.”

“Today we got to see just how unpredictable our beaches are and how they change after every high tide. We attended a lady who had become stuck on a patch of very soft mud that had been covered by the sand being blown across the surface by the constant wind we have here in Burnham.”

Burnham-On-Sea fog walker rescued n Burnham-On-Sea beach

“Less than three metres away from hard sand she had hit a hidden mud patch and sank into it immediately, becoming stuck.”

“Being a local who uses the beach most days she was absolutely mortified that she had wandered into the mud. However, as we said this is a fine example of the changeable beach we all love to use and how it can catch anyone out locals and visitors alike.”

“As we couldn’t see the softer mud, we set up two of our team members in full mud rescue kit and they each pulled a stretcher to use as working platforms. They approached the lady and her very loyal dog who didn’t want to leave her owner’s side and following Covid-19 guidelines we donned masks and fitted one to the lady.”

Burnham-On-Sea fog walker rescued n Burnham-On-Sea beach

“After a quick assessment of the situation and the ladies health they set about finding the quickest and easiest route back to our truck where our friends from Weston-Super-Mare Coastguard Rescue Team were ready to help out with the extraction.”

“BARB Search & Rescue’s hovercraft was also standing off nearby with one of their craft should we need a fast extraction for any reason.”

“With the realisation that the surrounding area was pretty firm to walk on, the lady was helped to her feet, rested for a while to ensure she was OK, and then escorted along the firmer ground to some of the Weston team and the two mud techs then pulled the equipment back.”

“While we were busy with the extraction units from South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust were arriving and gave her a good check-up.”

“A great multi-team and agency working incident that highlights just how our beaches can never be taken for granted.”

“No matter how experienced you are or how many times you walk the beaches it changes every day and can catch any of us out.”

“These people did the right thing by dialling 999 and asking for the Coastguards and with our specialist rescue equipment, we are able to carry out effective rescues of people in difficulty.”

“Please do not try and reach anyone in difficulty as more often than not you will also become stuck. Thanks to everyone involved today and we hope the lady isn’t too embarrassed as she was just unlucky to hit a hidden soft patch of mud.”


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