Work to demolish Burnham-On-Sea’s historic beach boating pool began on Wednesday morning (March 10th).

Building contractors started the task of breaking up the stone structure and taking away the huge quantities of rubble. was first to reveal last summer that the landmark was in jeopardy after cash-strapped Sedgemoor District Council said it was conducting a study into the extent of the repairs needed to retain it.

District councillors voted in December to remove the pool due to a combination of costly repairs and safety concerns – and the council admitted in January that the bill to tax payers of demolishing it is £9,800.

The work was initially held up by the discovery of asbestos within the structure, but that has now been safely resolved.

Burnham-On-Sea Paddling Pool in the early 1900sThe pool, built in the 1920s, was given to Burnham by members of the Braithwaite family, who constructed it in thanks for the safe return of their five sons from the Great War.

District council spokeswoman Claire Faun told that the Braithwaites have been contacted and have been invited to suggest some wording for a new commemorative plaque to be sited on the sea wall near the existing one.

The absence of the pool will forever change the appearance of Burnham’s beach north of the pier. A film is being made about the pool’s history, as reported here.

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