HomeNewsAnimal carers at Secret World near Burnham looking after injured badger cub

Animal carers at Secret World near Burnham looking after injured badger cub


Animal carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Burnham-On-Sea are looking after a badger cub which has been found injured after an accident.

The small, 8-week old badger cub was found injured at the bottom of an embankment in Dorset and is now being cared for by Secret World in East Huntspill. Its founder, Pauline Kidner, who is known for her work with badgers, is overseeing the care.

“The finders of the badger took her to Haydon vets in Bridport where she was found to have a fractured femur. One of the vets, Vanessa, was able to fix the fracture which was caused by the trauma of the fall.”

“The local mammal group were prepared to pay for any veterinary costs and the vets very kindly gave their time free of charge. Certainly, the operation was a difficult one due to the small size of the badger cub, but external fixtures were fitted to ensure the best possible outcome from the surgery.”

The next day the badger was moved to Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

“It took time to bond with the cub, but eventually she started to feed and is progressing well,” adds Pauline. “She has to be restricted in a small space to allow the bone to mend.”

“To start with, she was taking milk which she lapped from a bowl and she is now taking solids. Catkin is not using her back leg at the moment, but that will hopefully rectify once she is able to move around more. She is due to have another x-ray soon to see how the fracture is mending.”

“Catkin really needs the company of another cub as she is starting to play,” adds Pauline. “But at the moment she is having to make do with toys and a fuss at feeding times.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is very busy at the moment, due to having to help the RSPCA as West Hatch has been closed due to Avian Flu and staffing shortages.

“Thank goodness for our volunteers who help in many ways,” adds Pauline.

Anyone wishing to help volunteer at Secret World should call 01278 783250. If you would like to train as a Secret World Response Driver starting with collecting contained animals to eventually going out and rescuing, there are two training sessions in the next couple of weeks so book your space.




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