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Highbridge fundraiser takes on 24-hour line dance challenge for Secret World Wildlife Rescue


A Highbridge wildlife lover is in training for a unique fundraising initiative – a 24-hour line dance challenge for a local charity.

David Plant, Fundraising Manager at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, will be taking on the challenge this weekend to raise money for the wildlife charity, which is based in East Huntspill near Burnham-On-Sea.

David told Burnham-On-Sea.com why he’s chosen the challenge:  “As with lots of challenges, this one starts with a silly idea!”

“I was asking people for ideas for a fundraising challenge I could do in 2024 – and a 24-hour challenge made sense, what with it being ’24, and as someone who is phobic of exercise, it would have to be something physical.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

“Doing something for 24 hours also felt like a great way to recognise the fact that Secret World now offers advice about wildlife 24 hours a day. Their new extended opening hours mean Reception is now open from 6am till midnight, with an out-of-hours phone advice service available between midnight and 6am.”

“My partner, who is incredibly creative and likes to see me suffer, suggested I do a line dance. I am not a dancer. I’ve done the Macarena a couple of times, but that’s it!”

“I enjoy a walk and came up with a couple of 24-hour walking challenges. After promising to put this year’s challenge out to a public vote, the choice of a line dance or walking challenge went out so people could decide my fate.”

“If we’re honest, the result was obvious before the first vote came in. 80% of respondents chose the line dance. Of course they did. It’s ridiculous and I’m not known for my agility and grace.”

“So, I’m going to be line dancing. For 24 hours. Mostly by myself, but I’ll have people joining in throughout the challenge.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

“My plan is to livestream the whole thing and make it interactive. More details on that to come; keep an eye on the Secret World website and social media for ways you can get involved.”

He adds that in the UK over 2 million sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals are admitted to wildlife rescue centres, 40% of these are a direct result of human activity.

“Almost a million animals suffering because they’re caught by pets, hit by cars, trapped in litter and garden netting, disturbed during construction, and sadly sometimes as a result of intentional cruelty.”

“Secret World Wildlife Rescue help redress the balance by giving these animals a second chance at life in the wild. They rescue and rehabilitate wildlife from all over Somerset, always with the goal of an eventual release.”

“I’m getting out of my comfort zone by learning to dance, then attempting to do it for 24 hours – with the odd toilet break, obviously! I’m sure I’ll suffer on the day, but it’s nothing compared with the suffering humans are inflicting on our precious wildlife.”

“So please consider a donation. If you want to help end wildlife suffering needlessly, please donate. Maybe it’s a bit of both! Either way, I hope you’ll agree it’s a worthy cause and that my dancing at least gives you a laugh.”

He adds his thanks to Margaret who runs the Somerset Stompers line-dancing classes at The Ritz Social Club who has been teaching him to dance and will be joining him for a couple of hours during the event.

You can support David by donating via his JustGiving page here where you’ll also find the livestream for the event from 8.30am on Saturday 27th April to 8:30am on Sunday 28th April.



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