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Burnham and Highbridge volunteers at Secret World rescue foxes from construction site


Burnham-On-Sea and Highbridge volunteers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue have helped move a family of foxes who took up residence in a building under construction in Bristol.

A spokesperson says: “Working with wildlife pres1ents a number of challenges and one of1 those is reuniting young with their mother after a disturbance.”

“Natal returns are very difficult as once a mother smells human interference she is naturally wary of the situation.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s team were called to a house in Bristol where such a disturbance had taken place.

“The house was having some building works which had allowed a vixen to gain access underneath the floorboards and build a den for her four cubs,” adds the spokesman.

“The finder was not happy about this and removed three of the cubs from under the house. With a delivery of cement due to block up the hole, time was of the essence.”

Response drivers Emma and Zoe rescued the fourth cub and placed them all in an open carrier, hoping the vixen would appear and move them to a safer place.

“Much to their delight after some time she came along and began picking up the cubs however much to their frustration she chose to move them back under the house.”

“A plan was made to return the next day in the hope the vixen would have moved the cubs elsewhere.”

“Just as they were about to leave another fox appeared and started to move the cubs one by one to a safer location.”

Wildlife Care Supervisor Emma adds: “It was such a relief to see the dog fox appear and move the cubs to a safer place, it took him about 30 minutes in total and then mum followed on after.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue urges anyone who is about to undertake any form of building work to consider wildlife and check the area beforehand, especially at this time of year when there are so many young around.

The video shows the dog fox moving the cubs



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