A pair of beavers have been saved from drowning in an overflow drain by wildlife rescuers from the Burnham-On-Sea area.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue rescuers were called to reports of an otter trapped in a metre of water in Frome, on Friday but on arrival were surprised to find two beavers.

Care assistant Matt Lavy, from Secret World Wildlife Rescue, says they were “bigger than you expect and really quite heavy”.

The creatures are thought to be last year’s young. He described the experience as an “incredible encounter”.

“It’s always a privilege to see wildlife up close, but [I was] never expecting to see something like that.”

The East Huntspill-based wildlife rescue centre said it is important to get the animals out “as quickly as possible” as they were at risk of drowning.

A spokesperson explained one of the beavers appeared to have been trapped for longer than the other, as it was much weaker. The creatures were taken away in cages to RSCPA West Hatch in Taunton for rehabilitation.

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