Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out twice on Saturday (April 24th) to search for a missing child and help a lady who had fallen ill on the steps going up Brean Down.

In the first incident, at 2pm, the team was called tasked to help a lady in the middle of the steps running up Brean Down who needed medical assistance.

A Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard spokesman says: “Ambulance crews were dispatched and arrived quickly but as she was around the midway point it was a good idea to have us there in case they needed to carry her down via a stretcher. Many hands make light work.”

“We arrived on scene and sent two of our team up the steps to liaise with the ambulance teams to discuss extraction plans of the person and they had decided that as she was able to walk they would escort her slowly down the steps to the ambulance.”

“To give them enough space to work, our team members diverted other walkers to the military road until they had vacated the steps. With everyone being where they needed to be we were able to head back to station so we took the opportunity to do a patrol of the very busy beaches all the way back to the town slip in Burnham.”

In the second incident, at 5.32pm, the Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard team was sent to Brean beach due to reports of a missing person.

A spokesman said: “With a full description given in our initial briefing, we headed off back to Brean with our colleagues from BARB Search & Rescue and our Coastguard family from
Weston-Super-Mare Coastguard not far behind to help boost our numbers and saturate a large area quickly.”

“As we travel to an incident like this, search plans are being formulated and also eyes are kept open for anyone matching the description. There have been instances where the missing person has been found while we travel to the rendezvous point and this is an important factor in any search.”

“This time, though, as we approached Brean our radio sparked into life and a familiar voice from the control room said the person had been found safe and well in a local holiday park and the parents were with them so we were free to return to station.”

“With this good news we turned around and after decontaminating the vehicle and ourselves to protect us all from Covid we headed home.”

“Another good result, even though they turned up before we arrived it is great news that they are safe and well and in no need of assistance. As always, if you are along the coast and someone goes missing then dial 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguards.”


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