It has been a late spring for animal carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Burnham-On-Sea, who only just now having badger and fox cubs and leverets arriving.

It is the charity’s first year of working in their new treatment centre at East Huntspill which was completed last year.

Pauline Kidner, founder, says: “Soon the orphan birds will be arriving and then the orphan season will be in full swing. A lot of work has been done to tidy the centre which has had building work going on for two years and the staff and volunteers have managed with very limited facilities at times.”

“They have been amazing with builders around, working as an essential service during the pandemic and sadly, through this winter, the very strict controls on casualties because of avian flu which has increased this year by 400%.”

“We are all looking forward to welcoming our supporters for our first open weekend at Easter.”

“We shall be able to show the interpretation area of the new build and hope that the children will enjoy the egg hunt on all four days. There will also be many crafts and games that they can join in with.”

“People should be aware of the many babies being born and hatched at this time of year. Several of the orphans this year have been picked up by dogs.”

“They need to be on leads in the countryside and it’s always best to ring for advice before you move an animal or take it in to care. They have a much better chance of survival if trained by their parents.”

Secret World Wildlife Rescue will be open on April 15th 16th 17th and 18th from 10 until 4. There will be an admission charge of £5 for adults and £2 for children with all funds going towards the care of the many casualties that are brought to this centre.

Visit to see the programme which includes some celebrities visiting on different days and a dog show on Saturday. For advice tel: 01278 783250


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