Busy Burnham-On-Sea beach

A Burnham-On-Sea resident has called on councillors to reintroduce a beach paddling pool or children’s splash area in the town.

Sylvia Young, pictured, who is a member of the group that runs Burnham’s tourist information centre, says holidaymakers regularly ask for more family water facilities.

During the latest Town Council meeting, she raised the issue with councillors and told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I asked the council to approach Somerset’s new unitary council about possibly restoring either the beach paddling pool or introducing a new splash area.”

“Other seaside towns like Weston and Clevedon have swimming lakes or splash areas which can be used by families even when the tide is out.”

“It would also lead to fewer people wading out across the mud at low tide to try and reach the sea, putting themselves in danger and causing call-outs for the rescue services. Families who visit us in Burnham are often disappointed that those type of facilities don’t exist here.”

The Town Council has referred the matter to its Town Improvements Committee for further consideration.

Burnham’s former paddling pool and marine lake:

The photo above shows Burnham-On-Sea’s beach paddling pool and marine lake.

  • The paddling pool was built on the beach by a local family in 1921 as a gift of thanks for the safe return of their five sons from World War One. It was removed in 2010 by the district council due to safety concerns and costly repairs.
  • The photo also shows Burnham’s former marine lake in the far distance next to the jetty. It first opened in 1931 and was used for swimming and boating. It was later removed due to heavy silting and erosion.


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