Stranded swan stuck in discarded fishing line is rescued by Secret World and BARB

A swan trapped by discarded fishing line tightly wrapped around its legs has been rescued by a Secret World wildlife carer and an inshore rescue boat crew from Burnham-On-Sea’s BARB Search & Rescue this week.

A resident in Combwich, near Bridgwater, initially called Secret World after spotting the bird unable to move because it had become tangled in fishing line in the large fishing ponds.

Graeme Thompson, a volunteer with the East Huntspill based wildlife charity, tried to free the swan from the bank but when he was unable to reach it, he called on BARB to see if its inshore rescue boat team could help.

On Tuesday (January 18th), BARB took its boat by road to the village before launching it on the waterway with Graeme onboard.

The swan was quickly reached and freed from the fishing line before being taken to Secret World’s treatment centre for further help.

Stranded swan stuck in discarded fishing line is rescued by Secret World and BARB

Graeme added: “I’d attempted to help the bird free using a swan hook from the banks but  I couldn’t reach it, so we were really grateful for the help of BARB whose boat team safely moved alongside the bird.”

“We managed to cut the fishing line to free it and the rest of the line that was wrapped around its legs was so tight that it was biting into the flesh. If it had been left, it would have got tighter and cut the swan’s circulation.”

“It was taken back to our treatment centre, where the animal care team will fully remove the line and with luck help it to fully recover before we return it to the water.”

A BARB spokesperson said its team was happy to help, particularly as there were concerns that a member of the public might put themselves in danger by venturing into the water.


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