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Badger trapped in skateboarding bowl freed by Secret World Wildlife Rescue carer


A Secret World Wildlife Rescue volunteer from the Burnham-On-Sea area has carried out one of the charity’s most unusual rescues yet – helping a badger trapped in a skateboarding bowl.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre in East Huntspill was called out when the animal was spotted trapped in the bowl of a skateboarding facility in Sherbourne.

Founder Pauline Kidner says: “It would seem that badgers have not managed to make skateboarding one of their natural abilities!”

“Tony, the badger, named after Tony Hawk the skateboarding pro, was found trapped in the skateboarding bowl.”

“CCTV showed the badger had attempted a ‘Fakie’ to climb out by going backwards up the slopes but the sides were just too steep.”

Gavin Allen, one of the animal carers at Secret World Wildlife Rescue, went to rescue the stricken badger, who was brought back to the centre with injured claws. They were found to be bleeding badly from his attempts to escape.

Pauline adds: “Tony was given a couple of nights rest after being seen by the vet. Luckily the claws soon healed.”

“Making sure he was OK, a trail camera was put in his pen which showed that he was not stressed in any way, having made a nice cosy bed and playing with his blankets.”

“A few nights later Tony was released back to the area and hopefully he will avoid the skateboard bowl now that he knows he’s rubbish as skateboarding!”

Recently, we reported how 200 people attended Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s colourful ball when it returned after a two-year break due to the pandemic.



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