Burnham-On-Sea’s MP James Heappey voted against delaying Article 50 and against a second referendum during Thursday night’s votes in the House of Comnons.

MPs voted by 413 to 202 – a majority of 211 – for Prime Minister Theresa May to ask the EU for a delay to Brexit. It means the UK may not now leave on 29 March as previously planned.

Mrs May says Brexit could be delayed by three months, to 30 June, if MPs back her deal in a vote next week, which Mr Heappey says he will be backing for a third time.

He said on social media: “I voted against delaying Article 50 and against 2nd Ref. Why? Because we’ve had years of indecision in Parliament over Brexit. WE need to get this done. Not in April, not in May but now. On Tuesday I’ll vote for deal again. After the close calls this week, I hope others do likewise.”

Burnham’s MP made several predictions during an interview with American TV news channel CNN in Westminster, as below, which did not all prove accurate.