Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out late on Sunday evening (May 27th) to investigate a set of lights near Brean Down.

The crew was tasked at 11.20pm to search the north side of the Down where a set of flashing lights had been spotted.

A spokesman said: “Just as most of the team were off to bed we were paged by Coastguard Operations Centre in Milford Haven who had received a call about some flashing lights spotted on the north side of Brean Down.”

“Once on scene we proceeded to do a slow search along the Down and over the edge where safe to do so.”

“About midway along where the reports say the lights were seen, there is a marker buoy for the mouth of the River Axe. This has a steady 10-second intermittent flash, so we gave the grid reference over to Milford Haven Ops room and continued on with our search.”

“After completing that task we liaised with the ops room and they concurred that the lights seen were that of the marker buoy.”

The incident was put down as a “false alarn with good intent,” with Coastguards adding that it was a “good call from the first informant as this had the potential to be a person in difficulty.”