Crews from Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard and BARB Search & Rescue were called out on Saturday (October 12th) to join a major search in Weston for a missing person.

Crews were called to Weston Woods to search for a vulnerable 56-year-old man who had been reported to Police as missing overnight.

Weston Coastguards had already been called out during the night without any sight of the missing person been found.

With 320 acres of woods to cover, assets were pulled in from all directions for an extensive operation during Saturday. 

“Clevedon Coastguards and BARB were brought in to bolster the numbers of the POLSA (Police Search Advisors) which meant that huge areas could be covered quickly by dividing everybody into smaller teams and assigning them an area to search, while the Police helicopter hovered overhead, conducting their own search plan using high tech cameras,” said a Coastguard spokesman.

“After four hours of searching through challenging terrain, the teams were recalled for refreshment breaks while the Officers in Charge made further search plans, widening the search outwards towards roadsides and the shore, including the old pier,” as pictured below.

“This included Marine Lake and Madeira Cove, it was at this point one of the Burnham Coastguard team spotted the person concerned and instantly reported the location.”

“A Police unit was dispatched to the search team’s location and the persons identity was confirmed.”

A BARB spokesman added: Our volunteers were called out at 9.19am by Coastguards to assist in the search for a missing 56 year-old man in Weston Woods.”

“Working closely alongside Police, Coastguards and other teams, our crewmembers took part in a six-hour search of the area, scouring the woodlands and nearby undergrowth.”

“This was a lengthy operation that demonstrated excellent team working with a positive outcome.”


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