Concerns that a kite surfer was missing in the sea off Brean Down led to a call-out for Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards on Saturday afternoon (October 18th).

A group of three kite surfers got into difficulty in the Bristol Channel while attempting to surf around Steep Holm.

One of the surfers, Rob Perry, told “The wind suddenly dropped while we were surfing across the channel and we began drifting, but we managed to scramble onto the rocks of Brean Down.”

Brean’s beachwarden alerted Coastguards at 4pm after seeing the men apparently struggling to get ashore. There were also fears that one man was missing.

Burnham Coastguard Officer Ian Jefferies said: “Two of the men quickly managed to reach the rocks, but there was concern for the location of a third. Fortunately, he was located close by soon afterwards and we made sure that no-one needed any medical treatment. The beach warden did the right thing in contacting us.”

Pictured: Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards on Brean beach during Saturday’s call-out to help three kite surfers