Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out on Sunday (June 10th) to help a man on Brean Down who had been found semi-conscious in a bramble bush.

Burnham Coastguards were tasked to help the man just after 12.15pm after the alarm was raised by several walkers.

A Coastguard spokesman said: “In some of the hottest weather we have experienced this year, Brean Down is not somewhere you want to wake up after a heavy night.”

“He had been found passed out in a bramble bush and unable to be woken. The people who found him had tried to walk him back but he was still under the affects and unable to travel far.”

“The kind walkers had given him some water to help re-hydrate him after spending most of the morning in the hot sun.”

“We arrived on scene and met with the beachwarden who gave us as much information as he’d been able to gather.”

“There wasn’t much medically wrong so it was decided to transport him down to the base of the Down, ready to hand over to either the Ambulance or the Police.”

“While we waited for the other services, two of our Coastguard Team were carrying out some enquiries in the holiday park he was staying. Having caught up with some of the others from his group they were able to ease everyone’s worries. The Police arrived shortly after, and reunited everyone.”

“This was a lucky escape for the person in question as they were attempting to follow the lights that were on the beach which led them to almost falling off of the edge of the Down. This could have resulted in a catastrophic fall, a bramble bush in this instance was the best outcome.”

“This was a vulnerable person who found himself in a very dangerous situation.”

“After reading this it can be easy to assume that this was just someone overdoing the weekend session, but not every incident is as black and white as it seems.”

“There can be many reasons why people end up in incidents such as this. We never judge people or make an assumption of why they are in their predicament. We are here to help those when help is needed. Sometimes in life we all need that helping hand.”

“Once out of the sun and with some water onboard and a bit of sleep he will wake up with a fair headache.”

To raise the alarm about someone along the coastline who you are concerned for, dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.