Tiny leverets rescued by Secret World Wildlife Rescue near Burnham-On-Sea

Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers from Secret World Wildlife Rescue are looking after these tiny two leverets which have been successfully rescued.

Secret World founder Pauline Kidner told Burnham-On-Sea.com that they were brought in as very tiny new born babies and have been named Bluebell and Primrose by the team.

She said: “The landowner knew it was best to leave them alone as mum is not usually far away but on checking them a few days later, he found one had been killed by a crow and the others were being attacked so he brought them in to us.”

“Animal carer Marie, who is brilliant with these very nervous animals, has managed to rear so many over the years. She is now looking after them and hoping that they will survive.”

“Now is also the time that Roe deer will have their young and these will be left curled up in long grass while their mother forages.”

“Secret World is asking people to keep dogs on leads at this time of year as there is so many vulnerable animals out there that are so often badly injured by dogs.”

With over 200 wildlife casualties, Secret World is very busy with so many orphans needing intensive care. Baby hoglets, rabbit kits and baby birds are all needing feds – some as often as every half an hour. If you have any spare time, they would love to hear from helpers.

Volunteers help the charity in so many ways as well as caring for all the animals during the summer – call 01278 783250 if you would like to join the charity caring for wildlife.

The next time Secret World will be open to the public will be May 25th, 26th and 27th. For more information contact www.secretworld.org

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