Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards have visited the town’s running club to thank some of its members after a rescue seafront rescue.

The visit comes after a recent incident in which members of the Burnham Harriers Running Club spotted a young lady sat in one of the seafront shelters who had been in the mud and seawater and was on the verge of becoming hypothermic.

“The Burnham Harriers did exactly this and were heros of the day, ensuring the young lady they found was kept warm and safe,” said Coastguard Dave Welland this week.

“After their fantastic response to someone in need they were keen to learn more about our role as Coastguards and what to do in similar situations.”

“So two of our team went along to their training night and gave a fun, but informative talk about what they may run into and how best to deal with it.”

“We often deal with people who may have health issues, not just visible ones but also hidden, Alzheimers, mental health issues, Diabetes or effects from the cold, so it’s always good to know what to look out for and what to do if needed.”

“A large percentage of calls we attend are called in by passers by who stay with the person until we arrive but may not always be sure of how best to help.”

“The first thing to do is stay calm, assess the situation and dial 999 for the appropriate emergency service, give as much detail as possible.”

“We thank them for welcoming our guys into their team for the evening and would like to take this opportunity to extend these talks to other community clubs.”

The Coastguards are happy to meet other clubs and groups that feels they would benefit from one of the informative chats.

Pictured: The Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards with the Harriers running club (photo Michael J. Barnard)