A stranded car was retrieved by a commercial recovery service on Brean Beach on Monday (May 8th) when it was washed up after being swamped by two tides.

As we reported here, the driver got into difficulty when his Volkswagen Tiguan got stuck on Sunday evening (May 7th) during a day trip to the beach.

The vehicle’s wheels sank into the soft sand and mud after it was driven too far down the beach.

It could not be rescued in time before Sunday evening’s high tide submerged it, followed by Monday morning’s high tide.

Coastguards said the car had been washed up the beach several hundred metres to the tideline and a team from Weston Recovery had the job to safely remove it on Monday afternoon, as pictured here.

It comes after Brean’s beach warden raised the alarm just before 4.30pm and Burnham Coastguards were quickly on scene to check that the driver was safely out and no-one else was inside.

Given its location so far down the beach, a commercial recovery service was called to try and retrieve the vehicle before the tide could reach it – but they were unable to do so before the tide surrounded it.

The car driver, from the Midlands, told Burnham-On-Sea.com he was visiting Brean on a day trip when the drama unfolded.

“I didn’t realise the car would get stuck. I just drove down towards the sea and hit a soft patch where the wheels got stuck.”

“I was surprised when I realised what was happening.”

Pictured: The car stranded on Brean Beach on Sunday and being retrieved on Monday

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