Burnham-On-Sea’s Coastguards and BARB rescue hovercrafts were called to Uphill on Saturday (April 10th) amid concern for three people reported to be stranded in kayaks on the north side of Brean Down.

The trio were spotted a distance out into the muddy estuary at the opening of the River Axe.

A Burnham Coastguard spokesman said: “Our team were tasked to get a visual from our vantage point of Brean Down while our Coastguard flank team from Weston were tasked to Uphill beach, along with our colleagues from BARB Search & Rescue, to effect a rescue should it be needed.”

“Once our team were in place at the top of Brean Down we quickly established that they were indeed fishing from their kayaks and in good shape with no need for any interventions. They were also making a slow trip back along the river gully to safety so we were happy.”

“Of course, while we were en route to Brean the other teams are busy carrying out their tasks which included the hovercrafts being launched to make their way to the trio of kayaks, the reason being is that it is better to have assets underway to avoid wasting precious time should they be needed.”

“With all persons looking to be safe and making good progress, it was decided that we could all stand down and return to our respective stations for cleaning and decontaminating.”

“A good call from those who called it in as the location they were spotted is a long way back to the safety of the yacht club but in their small crafts, they were happy enough in the shallow river gully.”

“Always better to be safer than sorry so we always advise if it is enough to make you feel concerned for their safety then 999 Coastguards, it could save time and ultimately a life.”

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